Calling in the Light ~ since 1984

 As a child growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I felt the influence of the flower children of the late '60's. My favorite hobby was creating colorful beaded jewelry to wear. Later through my desire to spread the message of "rainbow consciousness" as a teenager, I earned the nickname Laurainbo.

As a young woman, the idea to design and sell crystals embellished with rainbow seed bead patterns came from the inspiration I received in 1984 while visiting the many street artists on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. Investing in a small selection of Swarovski Austrian Crystals, I then gathered beads I'd been collecting since childhood and pieced together the first prototypes. Some were given as gifts and others were hung in sunny windows of my home, in my garden and from the rear view mirror of my car.

On the first day of 1985 my young family relocated to the majestic Redwoods of Humboldt County. There I set up business selling the handcrafted beaded crystals and beaded jewelry at craft fairs and to local shops. This allowed me to fulfill my dream of working from home while raising my baby son, Willoughby. He is now a grown man living in Canada and raising a precious baby of his own. He still plays an essential role in the assembly work for Laurainbo Crystals. My honorary sister Cathy, who has worked with me since the beginning, is still beading rainbows up until today, for which I am so thankful.

In 2013, Laurainbo Crystals came full circle, by moving back to the heart of Berkeley California and setting up the workshop in a garden setting looking out on a beautiful babbling brook.

Over the many years, this cottage industry has afforded me the pleasure of traveling abroad where I forged deep connections with a musical griot family in Senegal, West Africa. I've shared the resources by offering assistance to family and friends there for holiday events, education, family ceremonies, medical purposes and musical endeavors. 

My greatest rewards come from knowing that these simple gifts of light bring joy, blessings and good luck to many people around the world! As they blast out zillions of rainbows everyday, may they be a reminder of hope, love, peace and unity to all!  

Many thanks to you, my loyal customers, friends and supporters for helping to spread the message of "rainbow consciousness"!!